Isolation Gowns

Isolation or Surgical, Disposable or Reusable. Whatever your need is Disabled Veteran Owned LLC works with an extensive group of well supplied manufacturers for any gown need.


Isolation Gowns

Disabled Veteran Owned LLC supplies a large variety of different isolation gowns.

  • Level 1 - Level 4

  • Thumb Loop, elastic wrist or knit cuff

  • Neck - Velcro or tie

  • Waist - tape ties or self ties

  • Sterile or non-sterile

  • Sizes S thru 4XL

  • 1.25 and 2 mil

  • Disposable or Reusable

  • Made in USA


Biodegradable Gowns

GoGreen Biodegradable Thumb Loop Isolation Gown, Universal, Open Back, Made in the USA

  • Bio-assimilation is the complete breakdown to organic elements without remaining microplastics. Bio-assimilates Naturally and Fully Decomposes in 6 Months in a Landfill Environment.

  • No Special Storage, Handling or Disposal Steps Required. Dispose per Standard Policy and Practices.
    It Bio-assimilates Naturally in the Landfill.

  • AAMI Level 3

  • Polyethylene

  • Pull-over Neck with Open Back

  • Thumb Loop Wrists

  • Ties in Back with Tear Away Doffing